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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Monday, June 14   >>


I get a sudden and overwhelming sense of happiness when I think of what this summer has in store: A SHIT TON OF MUSIC (in both creating and listening).

I booked a space at some hot-as-shit rehearsal space for tonight. All the players (eight! and that's without strings!) are excited. Some familiars, but most of them are newbies from Craigslist.

I used to think that my writing about my musical endeavors here on my blog were cursing my chances of getting projects done. I suppose I'm a little superstitious.

But I can't be. My blog is (a very small piece) of my life story, my history. How could I not share stories of my musical ambitions? I want everyone to see my story and see that they, too, can do something great if they wanted to, and that trying to is 99% of the fun. LET'S ROCK!


Also exciting: Rhapsody. For $10 a month, I have pretty much any album I want at my streaming disposal. I'm kind of blown away that none of my musical peers have recommended it, let alone checked it out. It's awesome, and a must for all musicians who want a solid resource of endlessly streamed music (at 256kbps!) from their PC or phones. Think of it as a $10/month album previewing service. A VERY small cost for what's offered.

So much music. So. Much. Music.


This is one of those times where over-saturation is a good thing. Sure, the days of crate digging are (mostly) over, but having access to this much art is a very good thing for people who need to immerse themselves in new music.

New music, after all, changes you.


My summer soundtrack (so far):

-Jonsi's "Go"
-The Bird and The Bee's "Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1"
-Janelle Monae's "ArchAndroid" (this will be discussed later this week -- the first time in years the blogosphere hype actually gets it right)
-Maxwell's "A BlackSummer's Night"
-Brad Mehldau's "Highway Rider"
-The Temper Trap's "Conditions"
-Madonna's "Immaculate Collections" (can't go wrong with the classics)

Has to be diverse (otherwise I'll subconsciously end up stealing too many ideas from the same repeated artists -- I really hate when that happens. One time I was so fucking proud of myself for writing EM7 to G#/B# to C#9 only to realize two weeks later that John Mayer did it in a 2001 ballad. Was so fucking pissed. Anyway, I really have to get back to work. Peace!)