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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Friday, March 21   >>

"One. Two. One, two, three, four."

First: Carrying Cathy. Lengthy load, worth my wait.

Carnival: (kärn-vl)n. - A traveling amusement show usually including rides, games, and sideshows.

Preach on, Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD). Preach on.

There's nothing wrong with speaking your mind. But when you blurt out shit and have absolutely NO facts nor backup, please, for the sake of others who know SOMETHING, shut the fuck up. Thank you.

I've been bitter lately. If I've been bitter to you, I apologize. If you think I've been bitter in an indirect way, say, in speaking out my political views (and you not appreciating it), I don't apologize. I've fought long enough and you know what? I'm tired of telling people my views on what the hell's going on in the world today.

Right when you think the world's already screwed up as much as it can possibly be (don't even think i'll go on right now), think again. First of all, (don't ask me WHAT the hell David Lynch has been prescribed) there will be a Mulholland Dr. MUSICAL. Tell me how this is going to be possible. Really. For those that have seen the film: Blue box? BLUE BOX? MIDGET SENIORS?! TIME WARP!??!?! Run for the hills, laddy! We've got a keep'ah in our bloody hands! This is probably as hard as putting The Sandlot to Figaro on Ice. Please tell me this is NOT going to happen. David Lynch: What has happened to ye?

No, I won't pull a Dennis Miller.

The Oscars. The 75th Anniversary. A reason for film fans to watch television for a good reason. TONED. DOWN. The keyword in Hollywood since Wednesday has been "acceptable". Give me a fuckin' break. Acceptable? ACCEPTABLE? Screw the limits. Roll the red carpet, get that bag of Botox Joan Rivers on the air and let the fashion criticism BEGIN, for crying out loud. That's HALF the fun of watching The Academy Awards!!! C'mon now....ACCEPTABLE!? I'm sorry I'm not giving enough details for those who aren't informed that the AAs are going to be CRAP this year due to [current events], but the Oscars are going to be crap. Crap crap crap. Crap. Crap...crap.

I can take my theory test on Sunday. I CAN TAKE IT!!!! My father found out that I'M NOT getting terrible grades (mix-up in the progress report) so he's letting me off the hook so I can recieve one more step to recieve my GOLD medal next year (playing 3 songs for a judge and taking a written/hearing test). I can almost smell it. 6.5 years of hardwork is paying off NEXT YEAR. And damnit, i'm going to brag, but i'm DAMN I'M PROUD OF MYSELF.

YOU KNOW WHAT?! I was 'groundead', so I couldn't get tickets for tomorrow's Downey Symphony performance with master bassist (he's on my Stravinsky CD, i KNEW I knew that name) Mr. Packorny. I thought I couldn't go. But now that I'm off the hook...I CAN. This really sucks because now I have to PAY for my admission. Ahh...crap.


p.s. tonight i'm renting The Ring. i've heard it's scary...to a traumatic level. 5.1 Dolby Digital SurroundSound...plus a loud movie. I wonder if my bitch will survive. I have a dog, you know.