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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Saturday, March 29   >>

reality television is the opiate of the masses.

it's pathetic that americans be stuck to a television screen watching cable news networks for hours. it's like the war coverage is exciting for these people. fun to watch. a game. nothing more but a ''cakewalk'', correct? i'm really ticked off at all this technology leaking out through the airwaves. videophone. webcams. satellite feeds 24/7. it's as if this whole ordeal is a HUGE live production. this is Jerry Bruckheimer's DREAM, for crying out loud. television makes me sick.

don't get me started with shallowvision. yes, i coined that term. im speaking of shows such as "HOT OR NOT: THE SEARCH FOR THE HOTTEST PERSON IN AMERICA" and others such as "PERSONAL VIEWS FROM THE FRONTLINE" as if we HAVENT seen enough of it already and others which side to "MARRIED BY AMERICA" where people are actually engaged based on telephone calls from a live home audience. ugh. i feel so dense just thinking about it.

sunday is the honors gala. i've made up my mind as to what i will be playing from my repetoire from memory.

preladium 3 - bach
to a wild rose - debussy
3mvt. sonata 6 Fm - beethoven

why do i just think of this now? to tell you the truth, i...don't know. it just hit me right now i have to play on sunday and make an appearance instead of finishing a project i have to work on for class. hmph. my teacher's going to be pissed though. he wanted me to perform 3 songs from the baroque era. ill just surprise him with the most eccentric setlist ever. this should be interesting. if you know me, i like to trick people, especially with music.

just like Haydn did. im not comparing myself to him, the guy's a genius, but most musicians just get tired of the norm and want to joke around. in his Surprise Symphonia, the second movement (like most are traditionally) starts off very slow and legato and very quiet. but, to freak out his into-10-minute-lathargic audience, at the 11th or so minute, haydn puts a quadruple forte unison extravaganza to wake up his crowd. it's a funny piece, really.


-awake and bored

p.s. happy birthday sidney (18! woot!) and silvano (50!! hollah... ...!)