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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Wednesday, May 25   >>


I am officially a sophomore in college.

I finished my last two finals today. I can't believe it. SEVEN finals in a course of a week. No illicit drugs necessary, either! How I managed to pull off with a 3.[6-8] GPA (final grades pending) is all a freaking mystery to me.

Now that my first year of college is over, I have time to reflect on things I did.

- Passed a Political Science class without ever purchasing or even looking at the required text book (you KNOW that is BEYOND kick ass). Flippin' sweet, man. Knowing about the way U.S. government operates rocks!

- Got myself to perform a theatre monologue in front of 100 or so folks (mind you, I have no theatre background -- it was an appreciation class) that raged with lefty-Democratic-wannabe-wit.

- Defended my 1st Amendment rights with one of the directors who contested to my performance

- Played in a world class jazz joint twice, and on the same set of keys that some of today's biggest giants have played on

- Got props! "Mad chops, cat!"

- Skipped many classes, yet still getting away with it

- Mastered the art of sweet talking the professor

- Made one friend in the entire year

- Managed to stay silent for 90% of my school days (I was an introvert! I know, what happened?!)

- Wrote an essay confessing that I didn't read a certain book, when the prompt said to write about the book ... and I got an A!

- I learned to love to practice

- [Private]

- For the first time ever, I freaked out about school. I was very nonchalant in high school ("Final paper? I'll shit it out the morning of."), but things have definitely changed.

- Finally (FINALLY) learned how to play the blues and finally (FINALLY) can pull off jam sessions (it isn't as easy as everyone makes it to be)

- Put my own trio together

- Learned to cheat lab hours

- I finally know to never take 16.5 units ever, ever again. EVER.

I'm sure there's plenty more I'm forgetting, but this is all an indication that I've made it, for myself. There's always room for improvement, but I've progressed -- mentally (solitude is harsh, but so valuable), musically (by 100 billion freaking miles), and academically (by 1 trillion billion GAZILLION miles).

But for now, I'm going to breathe.

I'm going to breathe all night, and not worry about one damn thing.

...Except American Idol. I voted last night, like, 14 times. I haven't done that since Sideshow Bob was against Kelly Clarkson. Anyway, GO BO.