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Wednesday, June 22   >>


I have the Dawson's Creek theme stuck in my head. D'doo doo doo doo.

I remember seeing Paula Cole sing the theme at the Grammy's, like, 7 years ago. She didn't shave her armpits. Man, that was traumatic.

Anyway, I saw Dawson's Creek again. I catch it if I'm in the mood for campy television when I wake up. I don't mind watching it -- like I said, it's so bad, it's good. The characters are so flat and the dialogue is so unbelievable that it just makes for a really poor, yet unique, program.

But, as I was watching it this morning, I thought about how piss poor the friendships are in Dawson's world.

I mean, Dawson loves Joey. But Joey thought she loved Dawson, but instead finds Pasey as the steady loser-boyfriend. Then, Jen's all stuck in the middle because she was going to get nookie in Dawson's room with Pasey before both of them had any "Joey" conflict at a ballroom dance lesson. So while Dawson's growing apathy for Pasey lingers, Joey and her new beau are off by some Capeside boat making out, while Jen is getting relationship advice from her homosexual friend who happens to be -- well, dispensable.

Look at that. That's drama from, like, 3 episodes alone.

I don't know about you, but if I had "friends" like that, I'd make new ones. Why the fuck would anyone want to be that goddamn depressed in HIGH SCHOOL? Life has so many more turbulent obstacles that having ones at an early stage just seems stupid.

It's really the reason I don't sympathize the characters. If they're so mad at each other all the time and can't hang out without getting into one argument about their stupid, petty relationships, why don't they just STOP?

Don't tell me they have reason. They just don't!

To these Dawson Creek kids, it's all about "talking."

"Let's talk."

"Meet me by the bay."

"I want to talk."

"We can't let this linger."

"No, don't run away from this problem."

Jesus mother of Chris Tucker -- have they any brain? I understand a heart-to-heart every, well, century, but not every freakin' day. If my friends wanted to "talk" that much about how much our friendships suck, I'd leave it that way and make friends with people who don't give me problems.

Logical, I reckon.

No friendship is perfect, but then again, no friendships are as imperfect as those of the kids in Dawson's Creek.

D'doo doo doo doo.