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Tuesday, July 5   >>


I still don't know why people will wait in line for up to 6 hours to have a picture and autograph with a voice actor.

It's like a deaf person being excited to meet a musician.

The day? Sunday. The event? Anime Expo, the world's biggest convention for the Japanese animation subculture that is, well, anime.

The expo attracts upwards to about 20,000 nerds from all epicenters of nerd all around the world. The event is filled with trade booths, art exhibits, live Japanese pop concerts, panel meetings with Anime industry suits, costume contests, workshops, dancing, game tournaments... the list goes on.

It's very overwhelming. Yes, overwhelming -- for a person like me who isn't even a big fan of anime.

By no means is this some attempt at a cop-out where I dismiss the harsh reality I'm a freaking nerd; by now, everyone should know I'm a total nerd. But never, ever will I reach the nerdiness of spectators at this expo.

My friend, who took me to the event, has, though. Along came The Girlfriend and The Girlfriend's Cousin to see the freak show convention.

About 60% of attendees were dressed up.

60. That's 3 out of 5 people. It's unscientific, but I attempted to calculate in every floor I entered.


It's fucking frightening, I say.

Sure, I love the subculture -- it's... interesting -- but there's just a little mystery that doesn't fail to amaze me:


It just doesn't make any sense, for the younger ones will sprout to be just like their elders.

I'm still a little spooked about my 2nd time at this expo, so if you want some more information read the entry I wrote about it two years ago. I claim to have been "converted." What a crock of shit -- I still haven't found another anime program worthy of my attention.

Oh! Before I forget -- At the Expo, I ran into someone veteran band nerds at Warren High School should know. He was a, well, "marching instructor" -- and he's a psychotic anime FANATIC. He just kept on talking and talking and talking and talking about all these programs and how much fun he's had and how much anime means to him. It was crazy. For names, contact me. You'll be shocked if you haven't been already.

Hope everyone had a fine "Freedom" weekend. Yeah, that was lame. If a loved one is in the hospital, well, my feelings go out to ya. If a hated one is in the hospital, well, time is running out for an alibi.

In other news, he didn't inhale.