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Monday, September 26   >>


Working at the Library of Congress might sound like an interesting job, right? RIGHT. Especially if you're the guy who found a lost recording of Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane -- playing together.

Now while this may not sound like anything grand, it actually is. I'd like to compare it to the recent finding that Mozart arranged an ol' Handel piece.

Props to my buddy Rob who sent me the link to the recently discovered Monk/Coltrane recording. I had no idea it had existed. While reading the article, I found myself being tickled by anticipation.

One has to understand that the Monk/Coltrane link had always been spoken of amongst jazz aficionados, but no one had ever heard a fine recording. Now it's, like, here (tomorrow, actually). And to tell you the truth, it's kind of bizarre.

While most say that this is "the" jazz album to get for all fans new and old, we'll have to see. But hearing the "need" to "have" this recording like Kind of Blue is, um, annoying.

(Kind of Blue isn't a favorite of mine -- I find it to be the most overrated album of all time, in all genres of music. Really.)

Straight ahead -- Happy Monday!