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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Tuesday, October 11   >>


Esquire is a magazine so self-absorbed in its own "glory" of metrosexual fashion, dated trends, and seldom interesting interviews -- but you know what? I really didn't mind flipping through it every now and then.

That is until Esquire nearly flipped me the other day.

They named Jessica Biel THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE.

That's, um, yeah. Do I even need to say anything?

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is the pseudo-butch that played B-ball on 7th Heaven, right?

That, to me, is NOT sexy.

I don't care if she was once half naked in a cheap one-nipple-from-being-legalized-porn mag. She's just, err, not sexy.

Anyway, I choose to nominate someone else.

Hugo Stop declares that Supreme Court Justice nominee HARRIET MIERS be THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE.


Yeah, I'd hit that!