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Tuesday, January 20   >>


Today's a pretty big day for Americans and, well, American history as a whole, but not because we're inaugurating a black dude into presidential office.

And, no, ha-ha, this isn't even a setup to one of my signature failed punchlines.

Say all you want about Barack Hussein Obama (I still can't believe a guy with that name won a modern election). Hell, go on your soapbox and fling out your own rhetoric in a war against Obama's flowery rhetoric. We've all acknowledged his. But it was a campaign strategy, so get over it.

One thing you can't take away from this dude is that prior to taking his first day as President of the United States, he's shown us more leadership than any other leader in my demographic's entire lives.

Alert: What you're about to read is void of any Huff'Po sass

The only things I remember President Bush tell me to do in his 8 years in office were:
- Know that I'm either with him, or against him
- Tell me to go shopping after 9/11
Last week, President-elect Obama told me, and 13 million others in his e-mail listing, to:
- Serve my community on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
And I did, as I'm sure millions of others did all day yesterday, and I was reminded of that whole "change" thing Obama's critics always bickered about (without giving him the chance to begin his presidential record).

I know I'm not a bright guy, and I'm certainly nowhere close to being a beltway junkie, but I do know that change came, and not because we've got a black dude serving as president, but because one man's vision of an ideal country was mobilized into a movement of kindness that surpasses even the most victorious of any presidential election this country's ever had.

So, embittered critics, could you remind us again about how much of a demon we've truly elected into the highest office?

With that said, suck my balls.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!!!