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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Friday, June 5   >>


As I'm sure you're made aware of, I frequent the live music scene but only pick my favorites to be even mentioned on my blog. This is just one of those times.

Video Games Live is fucking. Awesome. And this is aside from being around that many virgins at one time.

If I could sum up the experience in one sentence, it'd be this: When I went to the restroom, there was a line forming past the men's door, and the women's restroom was completely EMPTY.


When The Smith told me he wanted to check out this touring orchestra that plays video game music arrangements, I was immediately reluctant, especially at the ridiculously high ticket prices. After all, it's VIDEO GAME MUSIC. With an ORCHESTRA. Just blast a brick wall of MIDI over my head and I would have assumed it'd be the same thing.

But it WASN'T. It was fucking. AWESOME.

There was, like, MARIO BROS. music. And TETRIS. And STUFFFFFFFFF. But there was also a Guitar Hero competition where this kid got chosen to play Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on the massive screens with orchestral accompinament and the host was, like, "Get more than 150,000 points on 'Hard' level and you win a bunch of cool shit!" and the kid, who was, like, 14, was all, "WHAT? HARD? ...NUH-UH. PUT THAT SHIT ON EXPERT."


And then there was all this ridiculously epic music that I'd never heard from games like DIABLO and WORLD OF WARCRAFT (!!!) and when they played some scenes from MARIO KART SNES I just about lost my senses.

Then there was all this on-stage cos-play (which, in normal human terms, means "adult losers in character costumes") and then--OMFG I ALMOST FORGOT--the blind pianist! You know, the dork who plays piano blindfolded, made a cameo! And he rocked a FINAL FANTASY MEDLEY (jizzzz) and even did the Mario medley thing and holy moly there was even a live Skype conversation with the dude who INVENTED VIDEO GAMES. He's all old and happy and shit.

And that's aside from all the Japanese composers who made little video messages saying, "I hope roo rike our video game-uhz" and ...OH MAN I AM SO FUCKING GOING NEXT TIME.


When the host was hyping up the next tune, The Greek Theatre was filled with the sound of 5,000 nerds yelling out their requests. I yelled for "Home Alone" and people laughed hysterically.

I wasn't joking.



- Paperboy
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Skate Or Die
- Ninja Gaiden
- Casino Kid
- Paperboy II

They're the equivalent of Chopin nocturnes. So unappreciated. So. Un. A. Ppreciated.

Halo's music sucks a dick. MicroSUCKS.