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Monday, December 14   >>


It must really suck to be the Jonas Brothers.

After a slew of acts (some even surprises) at Stevie Wonder's show Saturday night (India.Arie, Ledisi, Mary Mary, Robin Thicke) the Jonas Brothers went on stage and, swear to god, pandemonium ensued.

I'm not a moron -- I knew this was going to happen. I mean, shit, there were tons of young bitches at this show. But they didn't just cry when the guys were called on stage. They leaped continuously. And screamed the whole time.

Basically, it is exactly what you'd imagine a Jonas Brothers show to be.

Which brings me to something I never thought I'd ever say: I really, genuinely feel bad for the Jonas Brothers. On kind of a deep level.

When they went on stage before thousands of screaming little stupid brats, the rest of us with taste sat down at just gazed in awe that these no-talent hacks could create such chaos.

And then one of the brothers, I don't remember who, opened their set with these words:

"We are infinitely humbled to be here. And we don't deserve to be here. In the company of these amazing singers and this ridiculously good band, we can't say thanks enough to even consider letting us on this legendary bill tonight."

And, right there, my heart sank.


Because no matter how much money they make and no matter how much air play they get and no matter how much press they're offered and no matter how many times they've stuck their dick into many of their fans's mouths they know--they actually know AND acknowledge--that the music that got them to where they are today will never earn them the respect they so genuinely desire from people who actually work their asses off (sometimes decades off) to make truly amazing, honest music.

You couldn't hear shit from their entire crappy set, and under their perfect Disney exteriors were three of the saddest, most vacant young power performers who will likely never get a taste of really being part of the music community. It was like poetically watching them on mute, and seeing their spirits slowly die.