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Friday, December 18   >>


Is it too bold to say Heidi and Spencer might have successfully pulled off the greatest modern exhibit of performance art?

Remember Apollo 13? When some piece broke off the space ship or whatever, Tom Hanks and the two other guys were stranded in space and had to shut off all power in order to preserve it for the trip back home. The trick, however, was to orbit around the moon and allow the moon's gravity to slingshot the Apollo back to earth, with just enough power for Tom Hanks and the two other guys to steer it properly.

I think that's what happened with Heidi and Spencer. The universe doesn't allow anyone to be that stupid and actually get away with it. No. Heidi and Spencer were on a voyage of choreographed stupidity, and the universe's natural balance allowed gravity to slingshot their voyage back home in galactic strides of brilliance. Some might even say in the name of redefining the very concept of satire. (Only me, so far, I mean.)

Their book, of course, being "back home":

See what I mean? It's so facetiously tongue-in-cheek, if that weren't redundant enough. It doesn't even make fun of itself. It's saying, "You hate to acknowledge that you are the reason we exist. You walked by this title at Target, on your way to buy some gifts on sale because you really can't afford many things on the budget of a barista making a buck an hour. Meanwhile, we're getting paid up to six figures to make an appearance at some Jew's birthday party and create a scene to be at the zenith of the cultural lexicon, only in the sole agenda to make you arrive at this very moment in your life ...all because you allowed it. You fucking allowed it."

Joke's over. They win.

Have a good weekend,