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Thursday, May 27   >>


Okay, so one more thing about handshakes.

There IS another expression of dominance during handshakes that I don't even mention because, frankly, it's the handshake equivalent of throwing a Molotov cocktail in the Gaza strip.

To mention it is to endorse it, and I just don't endorse this form of violence. But for reasons of full disclosure on the topic of handshakes, it must be mentioned. I mean, we don't ever skip the part in U.S. history when we completely ass-fucked Hiroshima and took a shit on its mother's grave. I mean, unless you're in the south or something.

Anyway, the *sigh* OTHER expression is the Forearm Grab.

It's when you shake someone's hand and grab the forearm. Simple. And stupid.

It's just not cool. There are other ways to show handshake dominance -- the Hand-Dome of Power and the Upper-Arm Grip of Power -- but the Forearm Grab is a sign of intimidation.

Plus, aside from a handshake, when was the last time that anyone grabbed your forearm? If you answered, "When I was jogging on campus and a man sexually assaulted me," then you'd be RIGHT.


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