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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Thursday, August 12   >>


Just discovered Sia.

2008 called, and it wants its hype back. Bad jokes aside, her Some People Have Real Problems LP is heavy, beautiful stuff. It's written in the same indie-backdrop soul spirit as Feist (who defined 2007 for me), but with more leaning toward vocal desperation.

It ain't easy always being late to the "what's hip now" party.


Speaking of parties:

There's this great Earth, Wind & Fire quote where bassist Verdeen White called bullshit on a critic who claimed their late '70s work "disco."
"I guess you could say we were at the party ...but didn’t get on the dance floor."
I fucking love that. Story of my life.


Speaking of Earth, Wind & Fire:

Totally bought 9 tickets for their Earth, Wind & Fire(works) show at the Bowl. Friends, booze, food, EWF, fireworks, the outdoors = shitty times (obviously.)

Me = kid the night before going to Disneyland


Speaking of outings:

Last night's #WONDAYS/weekly new-restaurant outing was pretty epic. While I have no merits in being a foodie (I eat what's good, no matter how good or bad it's dressed up) I can certainly say that the parade of tapas at La Luna Negra in Pasadena were worthy of note. Get their empanadas and spicy potatoes. It's 9:45 in the morning and all I can think about.

Let's CRITIC-ize my review:

"The showcase of flavor was phenomenal; a bite into their lightly fried potato wedges unleashed a flurry of Indian spices and the fragrance of aged olives, making this Spanish experience inclusive of the collective Mediterranean. Also, I like dick in my mouth."


Speaking of being social:

I forgot which poet said it, but he/she said something along the lines of, "It is impossible for a person to have art, friends, and love at the same time. One will eventually have to sacrifice the other."

I first heard it in January. I think about it every time I play music. It scares me.

"Can I continue to have a great relationship with The Girlfriend, keep the friendships with the people I see all the time, and create (what I believe to be) is good art? All this, while maintaining a steady job, having a band, trying to see my family at least once a week, and driving 15 hours a week?"

My uncle once told me that panic is a great motivator.

My uncle also likes to box. Why would anyone like to get the shit kicked out of them for RECREATION?????