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I am a Los Angeles-based twentysomething. I have a profession, and I have a secret life in music, and this blog isn't about any of that. I like Blogger because I can't read what you're thinking.

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Friday, October 15   >>


I think it's also weird that there's no more illusion to entertainment. Because of Twitter and every other variation of mobile publishing, entertainers have let us in to their world, their backstages, their trailers, and we really don't seem to care that seeing "the process" might ruin the magic. It's as if we look forward to having our beliefs not-as-suspended as before. We shouldn't be TOO aware of the process!

Well, we shouldn't!


Of course it happens!

After wondering why live audiences aren't so pervasive on sitcoms anymore, last night's 30 Rock was filmed before a live audience. I've grown to really enjoy the show, but last night's "live-ness" was really distracting. Hearing a set's central air conditioning is also distracting.

I remember when doing live editions of sitcoms was all the rage in the late '90s. Drew Carey did it, ER did it, Roseanne did it (I think)... actually, I remember ABC dedicated a whole block of programming to live tapings. ABC also did that weird 3D block of programming for an entire week. ABC, when did you lose your balls? You had Sports Night! SPORTS NIGHT! Now you're just pandering to Christian moms with no taste in original storytelling.


FOX reigns in television production. I am constantly astonished by the quality of work they put out. In audio and video, they are just, like, wow. No one does TV like them. Like, I'm sure the houseband for Dancing With the Stars is stellar, but listening to them on television is torture. However, I can listen to Idol's band all day. And I don't even like to listen to music on television all that much. This paragraph went on way too long.


There's an inevitability in the air. Despite whatever happens, something's always going to be there. It starts with "m" and ends in "usic." It keeps getting more real every day.

I had a huge breakthrough a few months ago. I was watching some short doc on a composer for video games. I thought, "Man, that must be a trip to wake up, go to an office, do a rundown meeting completely made up of fictional characters and stories, and then go back to your office to play with MIDI controllers all day."

Then I thought, "Wait, why the fuck can't I do that? That's fucking bullshit, I'm going to score something like that." If I don't get to some degree of this, I will have let my artistry down.


It pains me to see bands not utilize social media. And I don't even mean that in some tacky, exploitative self-promotional way; I mean in a way to engage and already-potent fan base. There is so much value in letting fans know you give a shit about them, and doing so in fun ways online speaks volumes in reputation and promotion. Upstart bands have an uphill battle with this, and can attain success in it through enough hard work, but the already-engaged fans are waiting for their favorite artists to do something exciting online, and only a few ever do. Great music is just the entry bar. Social media is going to define sustenance.